Patient Travels to Get World-Class Care

Back in 1985, Terry was in a bicycling accident, and both of her legs were injured. She didn’t realize the extent of her injuries, and made due.



In 2003, she had her first heart attack, and after the second heart attack, she was down for the count. She utilized stem cell technology for her heart. To get her heart healthy, she started walking, and in doing so, she ripped the cartilage in the tendons in her knee. Terry was wheelchair bound for six months, which was incredibly challenging.


Terry is a fighter, and traveled to the Bahamas for an International stem cell conference, where she sought the advice and expertise of a doctor who would take care of her using stem cells. Doctors and scientists gathered for this conference, and enter stage left, Dr. Wade McKenna.



Terry was impressed with Dr. McKenna and the results of his patients. Later, Terry approached Dr. McKenna and asked if he could help her out.

After the conference, she set up an appointment. She flew from her home in Florida to the Dallas/Fort Worth area to seek help from McKenna Orthopedics.


The surgery, with use stem cells took place in April, and by June, Terry was up and around. She is now walking five miles a day, riding a motorcycle, and enjoying the fullness of life. She is leaving the wheelchair in the dust, and couldn’t be happier to have both knees fully functional.


You must watch Terry’s full story here.

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