From one surgeon to another:
I just got home from a procedure with Dr McKenna. I had bone marrow aspirate harvested and injected into my torn rotator cuff in my right shoulder. As a physician, I am keenly aware of what makes good doctors good doctors and good people good people. I canโ€™t say enough about the warm and personal care I received today. From the front office staff, to the OR staff, to anesthesia and Dr McKenna everyone met or exceeded my expectations. Whenever I need medical care, especially surgical care, I look for a warm, loving demeanor, a feeling that my doctor and staff care about me personally and that I am important to them, and an exceptionally smart, talented surgeon who inspires and exudes confidence, a sense of personal excellence, and optimism. I received all of this today. Thanks to all of you who took such special care of me. Thanks a ton Wade.
— Dr. Ted Margo, Surgeon
This is my surgeon of choiceโ€ฆ Fixed me twice from potentially career ending injuries. Great doc, great friend.
— Paula Gibson, Police Officer
We LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr McKenna and Troy and the whole staff. My hubby used him (broken leg) and my sweet mama used him 3 times (shoulder implant, 2 knee replacements), he totally rocks!!!!!
— Susan Shifflett Armontroutt, Lifetime Patient